Stone Finishes

Stone FinishesPolished stone

A high gloss and reflective surface finish that brings out the colors in the stone .The polishing of natural stone follows the same process as honing using finer abrasives.  The degree of polish of the natural stone is determined by its mineral elements and texture and not all natural stones can be polished.  Usually recommended for wall covering, polished stones are not usually recommended as stone flooring due to their low slip resistance value.  
Stone FinishesHoned stone

A smooth matt to light shine surface finish (depending on the stone).  Created using different grades of abrasives under factory conditions, honed stone is the most commonly used and recommended internal floor finish. 
Stone FinishesTumbled stone (or Antico stone) 

The process of hand honing and then tumbling the natural stone giving a worn look with a natural patina from day one. 
Stone FinishesBrossato stone 

Specific to the Simyra limestone, the brossato finish is achieved by hand honing and then brushing the natural stone.  This anti slip finish is very gentle under foot and less prone to scratching. 
Stone FinishesVersailles stone 

A finish achieved by hand honing the surface of the natural stone before brushing the surface and milling the edges.  Specific to the french limestones such as the Massangis Roche Jaune Claire the Versailles finish gives reflect the look of ancient Burgundy buildings. 
Stone FinishesVieux Manoir stone 

Specific to the Pierre de Bourgogne limestone, the surface of the stone tile is distressed by a combination of hand honing, milling and brushing, with the edges being highly distressed.  As close to an ancient flagstone as modern stone will get. 
Stone FinishesSatino stone 

The natural stone tiles are hand honed, followed by the flaming process before being brushed.  The resultant finish is a smooth flamed look without the roughness.  The stone tiles are still slip resistant and less sensitive to scratches.  
Stone FinishesSablino stone

The natural stone tiles are first hand honed or honed, then sandblasted and finally brushed.  The resultant appearance is a slightly rough texture which is easily maintained and again less sensitive to scratches. 
Stone FinishesRustico stone 

A honed stone with rounded off corners and slightly rounded edges. 
Stone FinishesDiamond cut stone

The natural stone is sawn using diamond wire.  The surface appearance of this stone finish shows typical saw cut markings parallel with each other in the direction taken by the saw or the wire. 
Stone FinishesChiselled stone

Finish achieved using an air chisel.  The appearance of this type of natural stone finish can be likened to a linen texture with the fine grooves positioned closely together and parallel to the edges. 
Stone FinishesBush hammered stone

A natural stone finish achieved by the application of a hydraulic bush hammer to the surface.  The appearance of the bush hammered finish is industrial with a large number of close and small indents. 

Stone FinishesFlamed stone

A finish mainly associated with the hardest wearing natural stone (granite and basalt), the natural stone tiles are exposed to high temperature flames whilst wet causing the eruption of the grains on the surface.  The resultant texture is beautifully slip resistant and contemporary. 

Stone FinishesHand cleft stone

Finish achieved by manually hammering the surface of the stone with a chisel.  
Stone FinishesHand honed stone

A smooth with fine circular markings.  With the honing process being carried out by hand rather than machine, the surface has visible abrasive and Carborundum markings as a feature.  Usually recommended for external stone flooring and internally to give that industrial flooring look.